Biography of V. Makhlay

Vladimir Nikolaevich Makhlay

PhD in Engineering, a Russian engineer, a large-scale entrepreneur, an economist.

Since 1985 CEO of JSC Togliattiazot, and from 1992 through 2011 - Chairman of the Board of Directors of this company.

An Academician of the Academy of Problems of Quality, a Corresponding Member and Doctor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, a full member of the International Business Academy, and Academician of the Russian Academy of Business. Mr. Makhlay is the author of 35 inventions and research articles, as well as a monograph.

Doctor Honoris Causa of the Association of Main Processes and Techniques of Industrial Technologies,  Mr. Makhlay is an Honorary Citizen of the Cities of Gubakha and Togliatti (the resolution of the Togliatti City Duma No.186 as of May 16, 2001, and the resolution of the Gubakha Town Council No. 153 as of June 21, 2001).


Titles and awards

  • The Badge of Honour Award (1975)
  • Two Awards of the Red Banner of Labour (1981, 1985)
  • The Award of  St Prince Alexander Nevsky (2008)
  • The Award of Honour (Kremlin foundation)
  • The Award "Presidential Star "For Achievement for the Benefit of Russia" (2006)
  • The Award "Pride of the Nation"
  • The Award "For the Development of Russian Construction Industry" (2009)
  • The Award "Environmental Shield of Russia"
  • Medal for Valorous Labour (1970), the medal "Peter the Great" (2000)
  • The Medal of the International Academy of Natural and Social Sciences "For Contribution to  Renovation of Russian Science and Economy"
  • The Medal "The Man of the Millenium" (2003)
  • The Title "Honorary Petrochemist" from the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of the RF (1999)
  • The Title "Honorary Chemist" from the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology of the RF (2001)
  • The Title "Honorary Worker of the Fuel and Energy Complex" (2002)
  • The Title "Honorary Entrepreneur", "Honorary Builder", "For Achievements" (2001)
  • The Title "The Best Inventor in the Chemical Industry of Samara Region" (2003)
  • The Diploma from the RF Government "For Outstanding Contribution to the Defence of the RF" (2009)
  • First Class Award "For Valuable Contribution to the Sustainable Economic Development of the Industry" (2004)
  • Diploma and Commemorative medal of the laureate of the 1st National Competition "Engineer of the Year" in the nomination "Construction and Building Industry" (2001)
  • A.N. Kosygin Award (2003)
  • National Award "Kremlin Grand", Honorary Title "Leader of Russian Chemical Industry"
  • Award "Honorary Citizen of Russia" (2008)
  • Honorary Diploma and Award "Manager of the XXI Century" (2002)
  • The Award "Golden Star of the Motherland" (2007)
  • National Peter the Great Award "For Efficient Enterprise Management and Attainment of High Socio-Economical Results" (2004)
  • Badge of Honour "Leader of Russian Economy-2006" (2006)
  • Certificate "Honorary Economist of Russia - Leader of Innovative Economy"
  • First Class Award "For Valuable Contribution to the Sustainable Economic Development of the Industry" (2004)
  • Winner of the rating "1000 Most Professional Managers of Russia" (2009)
  • The Award "Peacemaker Star" (2007)
  • Queen Victoria Medal "For Preservation of the Traditional Values of Virtue, Bravery and Honesty" (2007)
  • Award from the Presidium of the Trade Union Committee of the trade union of the chemical industry employees "For Contribution to the Development of the Trade Union Movement and Development of the Social Sphere of OJSC "Tohliattiazot"
  • Award in the "Person" nomination for the results and work performance from the editorial board of the encyclopaedia "Best People of Russia" (2009)
  • Badge "For Contribution to the Samara Region" (2004)





Vladimir N. Makhlay was born on June 9, 1937 in the town of Gubakha, Perm region.

In 1961 he came back to Gubakha after serving in the Navy, started working as a compressor system engine driver at a chemical plant, and in the same year was admitted to the chemical-engineering faculty of Perm Polytechnic Institute, while also working as team leader of mechanics that repaired and maintained motor buses.

In 1965 he obtained his degree and was appointed as a mechanic engineer of the Gubakhin Chemical Plant. He worked his way up to the top and in 1974 was appointed the Director of the Plant.

Under the direction of Makhlay the world's largest methanol production (750 thousand tons per year) was organised at the plant (at present - OJSC "Metafrax"). During the 11 years of Makhlay's management of the plant more than 120 industrial and municipal projects were implemented: the production of formaldehyde, caprolon, pentaerythritol, urotropin, waste treatment facilities for the whole city, a fly-over bridge over the river Kosva, a port on the river Kama, one hundred kilometres motor road, railway road junction with three stations, a hospital in New Gubakha, a pioneer camp, schools, kindergartens, apartment blocks.

In 1985, at the suggestion of the Minister of Chemical Industry of the USSR Leonid Kostandov and the Minister of the Production of Mineral Fertilizers of the USSR Alexey Petrischev, V.N. Makhlay was appointed Director of the Togliatti Nitrogen Plant (TOAZ).

In the course of his work he established labour discipline and minimized the amount of equipment downtime due to repairs. Gradually the project failings related to the imported equipment that formed the basis of the plant's first units were put right. In June 1986 the seventh ammonia unit started working. By 1988 TOAZ had reached the designed production capacity, which resulted in fulfilling the plan for ammonia and carbamide production.

In the 90s, being aware of the need to supply the plant with necessary materials, V.N. Makhlay was actively looking for opportunities to diversify production. At that time TOAZ built a brick plant based on Spanish technology and launched the manufacturing of glazed tiles, furniture, MDF boards, roof tiles, polyethylene foil, window and door blocks and insulating glass units. The plant also assembled video recorders and televisions under an agreement with Samsung and Ikarus buses for transporting staff.

In 1996 OJSC Azotremmash, a plant engaged in the production of spare parts for the equipment of petrochemical, petroleum processing and energy plants and of mineral fertilizers was added to the company.

Under Vladimir N. Makhlay's management a total of 37 new industrial facilities were built.

During  V.N. Makhlay's term of office a number of social facilities were built for the employees of TOAZ and the city residents, such as apartment blocks, a health and recreation resort "Nadezhda", a recreation centre in the Komsomolsk area for 1000 visitors.

In 1992 TOAZ became a joint-stock company, and Vladimir N. Makhlay became the first Chairman of the Board of Directors. He stayed in this job until 2011.