Environmental responsibility forms a core component of TOAZ’s development strategy.

TOAZ complies with all environmental laws and regulations. When we first constructed our facilities, we were conscious of the many existing large industrial enterprises in our hometown – Togliatti. That’s why we built our complex well outside and downwind of the city, 12km from the nearest residential communities, to ensure that TOAZ has no negative impact on air quality in our community.

Our work on environmental responsibility has two focal points:

·         Researching, developing and rolling out technology that is in line with the most up-to-date environmental standards; and

·         Modernizing equipment at our existing facilities.

Here are just some examples of the work we’re doing to protect the environment:

·         We installed two units (constructed by an Italian company Monsanto) to allow hydrogen release from flared gas, which enables us to reuse this byproduct as a primary component in our ammonia synthesis unit. 

·         We maintain a state of the art mobile environmental laboratory, which enables us to promptly source and track any contamination

·         Our biological treatment plant and sanitary-industrial laboratories enforce strict environmental standards. 

·         In order to monitor air quality in our sanitary protection zone and industrial sites, our plant has installed an advanced automated mobile eco-laboratory.  The ecolab is accredited by the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology of Russia and complies with the requirements of the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring of Russia.

·         Our basic measuring equipment is a highly sensitive infrared spectrometer, an interferometer МВ-100, controlled by a computer.  This device can automatically analyze ingredients of the atmospheric air every 2-4 minutes, using 20 components.  This method is 100-500 times faster than traditional methods of atmospheric air measurement. Our unique laboratory is often engaged by Togliatti City Hall to conduct measurements for the wider Togliatti area.

·         Our ammonia production produces carbon dioxide as a waste product, but we do not release this into the atmosphere.  Instead, we reuse it in the synthesis of urea to produce liquid and carbonic acid and other products.

TOAZ maintains its own biological treatment plants (BTPs), which purify wastewater not only for own facilities but also for the Komsomolsky District in our hometown of Togliatti and for Povolzhsky Village as well.  Before entering our BTPs, all wastewater undergoes preliminary treatment at nine separate local units on our main production floors, and is then mixed in a monitoring and preparation unit.  After biological treatment in our plants, wastewater is considered to be “treated to standard quality”. There are only two biological treatment plants in the Samara Region which ensure such a level of wastewater treatment.

To improve the disinfection system of the treated waste water, the company has equipped treatment plants with an advanced ultraviolet disinfection station thus eliminating chlorine from the process. Currently Togliattiazot is implementing a project for treatment plant upgrade in order to return up to one-third of waste water to production, and as a result to reduce the river water consumption.